How America and the world have been failing to live up to their potential, and how we can turn things around

“Metropolis 2050 #3” by Robert McCall, 1984

In the final weeks before the fateful 2016 election, Saturday Night Live ran a segment of their recurring series “Black Jeopardy,” usually featuring two Black contestants and one white guest, recreating the popular game show format. Tom Hanks played this episode’s visitor, a white, blue-collar red-hat wearer named Doug, who, despite a few missteps, managed to relate to the host and other contestants, in part through his cynical repartees that iPhones asking for your thumbprint is “how they get ‘ya” and “they already decided who wins [elections] before it even happens.” That lasted until the Final Jeopardy category’s reveal, “Lives…

Dylan Jackaway

New Yorker. Undergraduate majoring in astronomy and minoring in linguistics, class of ’24.

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